Funding, Donations & Sponsorships

How You Can Help

The Kiwi Golf Development Foundation receives funding and support from organisations across the board, funding enables us to pay for coaching and equipment that our students can use.

Coaching Clinic Transport

We sometimes receive requests from schools and colleges to help with their transport requirements and we would love to help them but it comes at a cost of around $300 per day to get students to and from one of our coaching clinics. If you think you can help with alternative transport please contact our General Manager, Owen.

Charitable Golf Days

If you would like to help by running a charitable golf day or perhaps running a small auction for our foundation we would be more than happy to attend and let your supporters know what we are about and of course we will advertise the fact here on this website.


If you would simply like to donate, please contact Owen and he will be able to assist you.

How We Can Help

Corporate Golf Days

Owen has had many years experience in the golf industry and would be happy to discuss helping you with your corporate or charity golf day so that your customers friends and supporters have a fun day out and along the way help support our foundation as well as any other charitable cause you choose or suggest. Perhaps you have always wanted to run a charity day and have simply not been able to get around to it? Owen will work alongside you and make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

We are very happy to share any charitable monies raised on the day with other worthy causes, and wouldn’t it be great to see some funding going back into the sport that you may be raising funds for in the first place? Please contact Owen for further discussion.

Kiwi Golf Development Foundation has Charitable status, our registration number is CC56 364. Learn more ➔