Golf For All Coaching Programme

Our Golf for All Coaching Programme provides a series of 12 golf sessions for less fortunate kids who have the desire to learn the game of golf and experience this amazing sport without the overheads.

We teach the kids a range of basic golf skills in a fun and active style. Our aim is to:

  • Promote junior golf
  • Promote the values of courtesy, honesty, and respect for others
  • Promote sportsmanship, taking personal responsibility, perseverance and the building of self-confidence
Golf Coaching
Kids Golf Coaching
Childrens Golf Coaching
Childrens Golf Coaching

Excerpts From A Typical Coaching Session

Junior Lesson Plan
  • Minimum of one professional coach and one volunteer for every 15 Juniors is required for health and safety purposes and for optimal learning of the skills and technique
Session Break Down
  • First five minutes recapping previous week 
  • Next 55 minutes going over the week’s exercise, rules and etiquette
    • During the first term, juniors need to master the four basic swings
      • Putt
      • Chip
      • Pitch
      • Full swing
    • With all of the swings, need to master GASS components
      • Grip
      • Aim/alignment
      • Stance
      • Swing
  • SAFETY is always first with all sessions. Please stress this at the start of every session
1 – On the putting green
  • Items needed
    Putters, balls, tour rods and tees
  • Technique
    Putting going over the correct grip, stance, posture and alignment
  • Games
    Humpty Dumpty and Battle Ships
  • Rules and Etiquette
    Play the Safety Game
  • Team Challenge
    Split the teams into two groups and play Team Humpty Dumpty
2 – On course around the green
  • Items needed
    Wedge, balls and cones
  • Technique
    Correct full swing grip, robot feet, ball position—back foot—front pocket and swing below the knees
  • Games
    Humpty Dumpty and Battle Ships
  • Rules and Etiquette
    Be quiet, consideration for other players whilst they are hitting, play the Safety Game
  • Team Challenge
    Split into two groups, each group takes one shot at a time, the team with the most balls in the target zone wins


Over 4500 kids have now been coached in the Wellington and Kapiti area.

Schools and colleges include: Kelson School, Kenakena School, Otaki School, Paraparaumu Beach School, Rongotai College Wellington, St Joseph’s School Levin, St Patricks College Silverstream, Waitohu School Otaki.

Our feedback is very positive:

  • Thanks for your coaching sessions. The proof of outcomes of your programme was in the students attending last night!! Well done. Testimonial ➔
  • We would like to thank the Kiwi Golf Development Foundation for allowing our students to gain exposure to the sport of golf and providing an opportunity to work with a local organisation within our community. Testimonial ➔

Kiwi Golf Development Foundation has Charitable status, our registration number is CC56 364. Learn more ➔